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Tile Cleaning Sydney

Tile Cleaning Sydney

Over the time tiles build dirt and other substances make pours filled with nasty substances. We know that tile cleaning in Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches as well as in Sydney is not an easy task while many do a common mistake by opting for the DIY process and end up leaving the floor unevenly cleaned. You may feel that cleaning tiles is easy but when you do it with a bucket of water and mop, you do nothing but making grout dirtier.

With our professional tile cleaning tips, you can achieve flawless shine you’ve been waiting for. Our experts are highly equipped and have hands on experience in cleaning floors of commercial and residential places. We help you get what you’ve been longing for without letting you go on your hands and knees.  We use high quality materials that are made to enhance floor’s texture. We know that grouts are porous that’s why it gets trapped with thick dirt.

Tile Cleaning Procedure

While there is no dearth of tile cleaning and sealing companies in Northern BeachesSydney and  Sutherland Shire; we make sure that our service is simply unique in terms of execution, budget and the ultimate result. Our experts first determine the type of tiles you have installed in your home and in your office. Once the type is recognized we apply suitable solution which is eco-friendly and not harsh on the surface. Our products are designed to penetrate grout and tiles to remove dirt from every nook and cranny. Along with advanced cleaning solutions we use rotor brush and vacuum suction for ultimate cleaning and drying.

Why Choose Us?

•    We are destined to meet client’s need
•   We offer tailor made service
•   Very affordable price
•   Superior quality cleaning
•   Prompt service

Our unique expert tile cleaning in Sydney, Sutherland Shire and Northern Beaches is a coveted service that many homeowners look for. If you also want the same service within your budget then please feel free to call us at- 0450 443 109.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

Are you looking for a professional and affordable concrete stone polishing service in Sydney? Then search no further than STC Solutions. Working with over 7 years in this flooring industry, we have earned enough reputation from across Sydney, Sutherland Shire and other Eastern suburbs.

We provide high quality concrete polishing to restore its former glory and transform its condition to low maintenance and high performance floor with easy to clean. Our concrete polishing ends up with ultra-finish that not only enhances the color of the floor but also restore an extra sheen in the look.

Our assured concrete polishing service:

Concrete floor polishing is one of the smart ways than the conventional process to clean up the hard surface. At STC Solutions, our professionals cover up the every aspect of concrete polishing procedures that includes- grinding the slab with powerful grit metal, densifying concrete, removing existing sealing coats, motor polishing to protecting concrete layer with stain-guard product.

Our main aim of concrete polishing is to bring back the charm and sheen that you have experienced when you bought it. So, if you want to invigorate the hard surface at the most competitive rate then please don’t delay much and give us a ring. We are waiting to revamp your floor surface.

Tile Cleaning and Anti-slip

Tile Cleaning and Anti-slip

We clean tile of varied types from natural to artificial stones by infusing apt cleaning techniques. We use only the premier range of tile cleaning solutions which have been tried and tested for long years to ensure more effective cleaning without being too harsh on the tiles; thereby, we enhance the clarity of the stones.

Why us?

• We have been entrusted for tiles cleaning for 7 years and have successfully meet our client’s expectations by removing dirt with complete precision.

• We use premium level cleaning solutions to ensure long lasting cleaned look. And depending upon the need we can also use the conventional process of cleaning for the old tiling infrastructure.

• We charge in accordance with your need and don’t suggest you something irrelevant to make our pockets healthy. Means, if you need just a light surface wash we will recommend for that;while we offer intensive tile cleaning services in Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches and across Sydney to remove stubborn dirt and contamination on the surface and tailor the service charges accordingly.

So, don’t wait much and call us today. See, how our experts do wonder on the floor!

Epoxy Re-Grouting

Epoxy Re-Grouting

Epoxy re-grouting is the latest trend in residential places for some years now, while it has been widely popular in commercial areas for decades. The ease of usage and its durability has made it more popular. There are several ways to enhance the appearance of the hard surface and Epoxy re-grouting is the best fit for every type of tile flooring issues. If you are tired scrubbing and mopping the discolored and dirty tiles, then STC Solutions can endow with the best Epoxy re-grouting at the most competitive rate.

We believe that, instead of bearing frequent maintenance cost to invigorate the tile’s health, it is smart to opt for professional epoxy re-grouting colored service from us. Epoxy re-grouting is completely different than the conventional one that comes with cement based powder that easily develops stains and store dirt while the advanced one is made up with Epoxy resin solution which is absolutely stain-free and highly durable.

If you also want the same for your floor’s need then don’t hesitate to give a call to our grouting specialists. We will be happy to help you.



It is next to impossible to stop the grout become dirty and discolored. Over the times, grout being a porous object, becomes inevitably dirty due to regular rough use. If you notice chipped tiles, mildew on the surface then this is the right place to get rid of these daunting tile conditions. At STC Solutions, we are specialized in re-grouting the tiles to bring back to its lost glory and refurbish to new.

Why would you cost for new grouting since you can opt for the same for less! There is chance when you have intact but discolored tiles. Hence, our professionals suggest for re-grouting to obtain the maximum benefits visually and by its life while reducing the cost for regular maintenance.

We provide End to End flooring solutions, while our re-grouting is meant to fix all types of tile issue like flaking, discoloration and cracking. We believe that, it is smart to opt for a professional help for re-grouting than saving money with DIY process. While DIY re-grouting may seem tempting to save money, an improper re-grout can cost your future by dislocating the tiles, leaking floor and shower, causing mildew build-up and lots more.

STC Solutions is adept dealing with any re-grouting jobs and promises to add value of the investment. We are a leading brand in Sydney and host a professional team who move across the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and Sydney’s CBD. Please contact us for any query. We are here to help you.

Tile Sealing Sydney

Tile Sealing Sydney

STC Solutions offers tile sealing service in the majority part of Sydney. Sealing is a crucial task required after every tile and grout cleaning to protect it from scratches and dirt. Natural stones are porous and prone to catch grime. Sealing creates a shield over the surface to protect it from stains and to fortify from chemical damages.

We are a trusted name as tile care specialist, providing a range of tile care solutions such as- tile and grout sealing, colour sealing, tile re-grouting, cleaning and stripping. Our service is designed to restore the shape of your tiles. Tiles increase the elegance of your home but it’s hard to keep its glory intact. We use specially formulated impregnating sealer that penetrates well inside the pours and make the tiles robust with a barrier.

Tile Sealing Services in Sydney Includes

Our tile sealing service covers a majority of areas like Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. This service includes-

•    Cleaning and renewal of tile and grout
•    Sealing natural porous stones
•    Polishing natural stone
•    Repairing cracks
•    Anti-slip material application
•    Stone grinding and polishing
•    High pressure concrete cleaning
•    Grouting and re-grouting

Quality Tile Sealing Equipment and Techniques

We take pride not only in hosting experienced professionals but also applying quality equipment and techniques. We ensure to extend the life of your tiles and save you from future repairing. Before we set in sealing operation we make sure there’s no chemical residue lurking into the grout or surface. We clean thoroughly before applying sealer.

Why turn to us?

•    We have experienced team
•    We are well-stocked with equipment and cleaning products
•    Completely tailor-made budget
•    Prompt service

If you’re looking for cost-conscious tile sealing solution in Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs then get in touch with us at- 0450443109.

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Welcome to STC Solutions that provides impeccable commercial and residential stone polishingtile cleaning and sealing service across northern beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire and beyond Sydney. We cater second to none flooring solutions to restore aesthetic and enhance durability.

STC Solutions is destined to bring diverse flooring solutions to meet unique demand of the individual. Based in Cronulla and having extensive experience, we provide nothing but the prompt and professional hard surface needs with 100% accuracy.

As a professionally experienced tile cleaning and flooring expert in Sydney, the range of our capability for catering commercial flooring service has mainly based in the huge demand of our satisfied regular clients. STC Solutions has everything in store and can serve to meet the particular flooring needs to any size and shape of any residential and commercial place. To know more about our company please visit here.